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Your opinion is very important to us

Please send us your comments and experience after you have received your order. Please ensure you rate us on: service, product installation and usage, transmittion quality, and how you use the FM Transmitter.

Below are the latest testimonials we have received:

- “Outstanding service. I received the product very quickly and was able to set it up very easily and fast. My whole family is able to enjoy on the different FM receivers at our house, the MP3 music we have stored on the PC…I specially play infant songs I have downloaded, for my son and he can listen to it for sleeping in his bedroom”
by Soroya Spencer – California, USA

- “I am very happy with the broad range of the transmission. I was not able to find another transmitter that would transmit this far and the good quality. Great product, I strongly recommend it.”
by Daniel Haze – Florida, USA

- “I purchased it for my wife last Christmas. She is from Argentina, living in Australia. Since then, she can listen to her favorite radio show from Buenos Aires, on her FM radio at home.”
by Adam Lenon S. – Victoria, Australia

- “We have just moved to the US from Spain. We listen to different Spanish radio stations such as:, ,, etc, and can listen to them on our FM radios, in our leaving room, bedroom, backyard (when we have guests) and the kitchen.”
by Diego Romero A.- Spain and US

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